Ballet flats author since 1970

Prosperine transforms quality materials in women’s and child footwear, with a craftsmanship handmade on various ballet flats
The models have become cult items of contemporary lifestyle. A perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity to wear

Do you want to grow with us?

Kids ballet flats in motion

Ingredients and craftsmanship

Making of ballerina

All processes and ingredients to bring our product to life. Design of woman and child ballet blats, handicrafts, quality materials, a serene and stimulating work environment in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany. All this is Prosperine.

We produce ballet flats for the most famous luxury brand internationally

Our craftsmanship is made of small gestures, combined with high quality items that are transformed into an Italian product

At our headquarters in Subbiano, in the province of Arezzo, all machining processes are carried out: the creation, production and distribution.
You come and visit the outlet at company, you can buy craftmanship ballet flats for the woman and child and the children’s shoes.