Handcraft footwear Made in Tuscany

Craftsmanship made of small gestures, combined with high quality items that are transformed into an Italian product.

The Italian artisan art for the creation of footwear

Prosperine turns high quality materials in girls and women’s footwear with a craftsman work on several kinds of shoes.

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“Leader in the Italian market and of the Made in ItalyProsperine exports more than 50% of production worldwide, the brand has been working for the best brands of Italian and international fashion.

Making of Ballerina

Ingredients and craftsmanship

All processes and ingredients to bring our product to life. Design of woman and child ballet blats, handicrafts, quality materials, a serene and stimulating work environment in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.


All this is Prosperine.

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“Prosperine turns high quality materials in girls and women’s footwear”

Since 1970

A perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity to wear.

Born as an artisan reality and grown over the years, Prosperine has now become a excellence in a field so dear to every woman. Company specializing article high quality ballet flats, Prosperine chooses and uses the best materials for its productions. Prestigious leather, fine fabrics and leather give rise to fragments of soul all to wear. logo icon big - Prosperine
The models have become cult items of contemporary lifestyle. A perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity to wear.

Tuscany on your feet

At our headquarters in Subbiano, in the province of Arezzo, all machining processes are carried out: the creation, production and distribution.

Come to visit the outlet where our company is, you could purchase flat shoes for women’s and girls and other shoes for boys.

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Tuscany on your feet

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