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Leader in the Italian market and of the Made in Italy, Prosperine exports more than 50% of production worldwide, the brand has been working for the best brands of Italian and international fashion.

Since 1970

This is Prosperine.

A perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity to wear.

Born as an artisan reality and grown over the years, Prosperine has now become a excellence in a field so dear to every woman. Company specializing article high quality ballet flats, Prosperine chooses and uses the best materials for its productions. Prestigious leather, fine fabrics and leather give rise to fragments of soul all to wear.

The company is characterized by the utmost attention to detail to obtain high quality product that is finished in all its parts. Craftsmanship, tradition and innovation come together and meet the demands of customers who are increasingly attentive and demanding.


The Italian artisan art for the creation of footwear

All the production steps take place within the company.

Prosperine is specialized in footwear for women and kids, with a handcrafted manufacturing to ballet flats called: “sack”, and a feature handmade.

Multicolored ballet flats in different or composite materials are the most popular and representative items of the collection that is complemented by other products.

All processing steps, cutting, edging and assembly are carried out in Tuscany so that the entire production process is monitored directly and continuously, so you get great quality for the finished product level.

La famiglia Cerofolini - Prosperine

A family tradition

Cerofolini family

Craftsmanship and high quality are the principles that have always guided our team of professionals.

Since 1970 the footwear workshop founded by Giancarlo Cerofolini has become a company of the highest quality: passion and experience handed down and shared with his children Marco and Laura.

Our staff

The Cerofolini family is flanked by a large team of great professionals, who for over fifty years have handed down and enriched a history of craftsmanship, experience and attention to every detail.