Clean energy for the company Prosperine in Subbiano

A Prosperine company’s idea to create an independent company from an energetic point of view and zero environmental impact. Prosperine is a company managed by a family which has worked in the footwear business since 1970. The company is extremely flexible to all the needs of a very competitive and variable market as the footwear one. A market which is strictly observed by the owners Cerofolini Giancarlo and children Marco and Laura, to verify constantly the needs and the trends.
Also in this case the Cerofolini family has been attentive to improve its own company in terms of quality, bearing in mind the environmental wellness. With the remake of the company’s roof the ethernit has been eliminated improving the quality of the company’s life and using the sun as a source of natural energy, clean, renewable and free. The solar panels put by the company produce 35000 kwh a year.

Thanks to this installation, each year 20000 Kg of carbon dioxide won’t be inserted in the atmosphere. The installation has been realized with the collaboration of another company in Subbiano, X-energy in fact, despite the competitive market, the Cerofolini’s have preferred to choose a company of the territory demonstrating, once again, to believe in their country.

The Xenergy company, owner Michele Bianchi and Alberto Mazzieri has installed on the Prosperine’s roof, 125 photovoltaic modules, distributed on the most sunny points to better use the sun rays. Prosperine s.r.l which has worked from more than 40 years in the footwear market and since 2004 has collaborated with the best brands of the Italian fashion, gave a substantial renovation to the company with a photovoltaic system that, for at least 25 years will guarantee clean energy for its own productive processes.

Prosperine Pannelli Fotovoltaici