Girl’s Day

Confartigianato Enterprise Arezzo, in its activity of promotion and care of artisan businesses and small and medium enterprises requests, has already undertaken for some years, an intense activity of interaction and approaching of young generations through the knowledge and an economic and social rediscovery of the Professions; after years when Craftmanship has been unjustly considered a low profile job, little attractive for young people’s ambitions, we are really convinced that investing in the culture of “Professions” and in the culture of enterprise, can represent a valid contribute to the economic growth of our society and, at the same time, becoming a professional choice of a lot of young people.
The project: “Girl’s day” inserts itself in this philosophy, and differently form other projects already promoted by Confartigianato Arezzo, tries to face the theme of the gendre difference and of the stereotyped view that, also today, is conferred to women in familiar and economic enviroment.
Besides the prejudices of gender, it’s a fact that lots of girls in their studies and/or activities choose “traditional” subjects or activities, giving up the idea of taking advantage from their potential skills and the offers of job market.
The choice of Confartigianato Arezzo’s Women Group Enterprise to promote “Girl’s Day” borns from the assumption of this professional gap and from the will to demonstrate, especially to children, that gendre hurdles don’t exist and that many women have had access, with high results, to many activities typically considered for men. So it’s necessary that, since medium school, girls can be aware of the opportunities that enterpreneurs can reserve, and of the social and econimic value of setting up on their own.

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